Hataichanok Unphon

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Hataichanok Unphon






Lead Developer & Application Architect


Software development, FinTech

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I have been working in financial industry for the past 10 years, both bankning and payment gateway.

I received my PhD from IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark. I was a research fellow of evolvable software product (ESP) project in software development group. My research topic is “Re-engineering for Evolability: Considering Social as well as Technical Requirements when Evolving Software Products”. My research mainly concerns software evolution, software product line, software architecting, and organisation in software development. I taught a few lectures in system development and software engineering for practitioner together with my supervisor, Assoc. Prof.Yvonne Dittrich.

I received BSc. and MSc. in IT from Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology (SIIT), Thailand. I was a teaching assistant at IT&CS school for programming laboratory. My master thesis topic was a hybrid reasoning system for Semantic Web, which concerns ontology, description logics, Horn rules, knowledge representation, and artificial intelligent.
While I was studying my master, I was a cheif of operation officer (COO) for my own company in Thailand. The company offered web hosting service and mainly developed web-based application for the client.

Specialties: Java, Spring MVC, Maven, Hibernate, JPA, SQL, ActivePivot, AngularJS, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML&CSS, AJAX, JSON, Jasmine, Junit, BDD, Jira, BitBucket, Bamboo, Oracle WebLogic Server, Tomcat, Agile software development, Software Evolution, Software Architecture, Software Product Line, Project Management, Teaching at University level