Science Competence Portfolio

Science Competence Portfolio

Scope of Science Group

Pure Science

  • Chemistry – Synthetic and Modification
  • Food biotechnology
    • Food Quality improvement using molecular biology and biotechnology
  • Neuroscience / Computational science
    • Decision making in monkey

Health Science

  • Microbiology / Diagnostics
  • Molecular cancer research
    • Tumor suppressor gene candidates
  • Gene detection
  • Pharmacometrics
  • Health policy

Environmental Science & Agriculture

  • Paleoclimate
  • Timber harvesting
    • Forest machinery, operations research in forest engineering, timber supply chain management, wood procurement, forest certification
  • Post-harvest engineering
  • Nutritional Biochemistry in Aquaculture and Fisheries Research

Contact persons

Dr. Nongnit Laytragoon-Lewin

Dr. Kittichate Visuttijai